Monday, October 3, 2011

Watches-a timeless accessory (ha...get it?)

Is it just me, or have watches suddenly made a comeback? It seems like they're popping up all over pinterest. And I can't get enough of them.

Here are my faves. Just in time for my birthday! Hint hint, haha. But srsly.

Watches 1

These classics can be worn with anything. From left to right:
-Horn Bangle watch from Nine West-- simple, and doubles as a gold bangle! Not crazy about the font on the face, but for the price, it would work!
-ROLEX "Stella"--I love the pop of color in the center! And the day at the top, perfect for someone who can't keep the days straight! (Hint: that's me.)
-Gotta throw some bling in there, and my girl Betsey knows how to do it in style. Her boyfriend watch would be the perfect addition to any outfit!

Next up, my new obsession: wrap watches. Ever since this girl wore one to my engagement session, I've been on the hunt. Thanks to the wide world of pinterest, I found them!
Watches 2

These are all from La Mer. Gorgeous, aren't they? I'm particularly fond of the coral one! AKA I look at it every day.

I'm considering investing in one "statement" watch (yes, the coral one) and then going thrifting for other ones. What do you think? Will one statement cut it, or should I go cheap for all?

(P.S. You're welcome for sparing you from all the watch puns...I was considering telling you about the watches in clockwise order, but I didn't want to waste your time. Bahaha! Okay, I'm done.)

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