Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sneak peak. Eek!

These are just a few of the pictures the lovely Amanda Scott has posted of our wedding. You can see the rest here!

My girls. Don't know what I'd do without them.

Da boyz looking handsome.

All our hard work paid off! And of course, a gorgeous venue helps a little.

Fist pumpin' like a champ.

Best. Wedding. Party. Ever.

And of course, the best husband ever.

 Look at him. So cute.

It was the perfect day filled with the perfect people. It was fun and filled with love and, of course, food! What more could a girl ask for? Nothing.

Except maybe a perfect pregnancy. Or delivery. But you know what? I've got YEARS before I can even think of that.

So right now, I'll just reminisce and count my blessings that my life has been filled with love and the best friends and family. Y'all are the greatest.

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