Monday, May 9, 2011

A cry for help

Okay, guys. I need some help here. I've fallen in love, and this love is definitely unrequited. Why? Because it's a pair of shoes.

These, to be exact.
Sigh. Aren't they lovely? Aren't they perfect? Aren't they just a littleeeee bit over my price range? Okay, a lot. I know it's my wedding day, but I just can't pay that much for shoes. Well that's a lie. Because I really want to, but I think I'd just feel bad...right? I would, wouldn't I?

I know I have some expert shopper friends out there, so help a sister out, please? Here's what I'm looking for: cute, pretty, that's about it. Okay, not it's not. I'm looking for a thicker heel, but a cute thick heel. Conundrum, I know. I'm going to be walking on grass, so I need something that will prevent me from being wobbly or sinking in the grass. I'm clumsy enough as is, so I don't need my shoes to cause more problems. I've been looking at wedges, but they're borderline too casual. I love these because they're wedges, but dressy. And I love, love, love the chiffon flowers. I don't want ivory least, I don't think I do. I want something I can wear again. Not saying I won't wear ivory shoes again, but the likelihood is a lot smaller. And I do need heels...3 inches to be exact. Then I wouldn't have to hem my dress! I know, right? Perfection.

So there it is. I've been searching day and night and I feel like I've exhausted all my options, but maybe you guys have seen something different! I'm welcome to any and all suggestions at this point.


  1. go to
    then on the side there is the choice of wedges.
    you can choose how much you want to spend, size and color.
    there are some pretty good choices there but like you said some are a bit too casual. but check it out. i like the shoes ive gotten from there.

  2. they're on piperlime for $15.00 less. eh...? i'll keep looking.

  3. What size do you need?

    From what I remember- you wear larger than a 6 though.

    Also- the chiffon flowers would be easy to make. if you find plain pumps that you love- I could certainly make some clips for you! (or make a tutorial to show you how!)

  4. In regards to colors, I'm looking at blue (turquoise, specifically) and blush pinks, or even pink pink. And I wear size 8-81/2! You guys are great!

    And Robin, no worries! I wasn't a shoe diva until only recently!

  5. Hey Kayla,

    Check out this's where I got my wedding shoes, its called, and it's basically like an overstock place, aka really cute shoes way cheaper, their inventory changes all the time, and I found this brand and I got the "Enya" wedges in silver, and I LOVE them! I'm totally wearing them again....hope this helps!

  6. Plus, there are adorable chiffon shoe clips on etsy, you could always find a pair of wedges and spice them up that way!