Monday, April 11, 2011

The "I Dos"

I think hands-down, one of the hardest things about wedding planning is remembering what comes after: the marriage. Don't get me wrong, I think about the marriage part all the time. We're going through premarital counseling right now, so we're DEFINITELY learning about how things "really" go (I know what you're thinking, "Wait, it's not all cuddles and romantic dinners?" I know, it surprised me too! Kiddingggggg.). But somewhere between the cake tasting, decoration making, and vendor confirming it's easy to lose sight of what the wedding means and symbolizes, the joining of two people. Forever.

And maybe that's why I struggle so much with the vows. To me, the vows are what "make" the ceremony. The vows are, in essence, a snapshot of the couple; it's the part I wait for and look forward to at every ceremony. What are they promising to do? To have and to hold? Or to take out the trash every Tuesday and let her cook one chocolate dessert every week? I think traditional vows are perfect for some couples, repeating words that have been voiced for centuries and saying the same things your parents said is a powerful thing. I also like non-traditional vows, ones that are unique to the couple.

But I see issues with both. The traditional vows are just that...traditional. I love them, I do, but Scott and I aren't exactly traditional people and our wedding will reflect that. I think the words are touching, but just not "us." Then there are non-traditional, which are cute, but sometimes leave people out of the loop and asking "Wait, what'd he just say?" or "Was that supposed to be funny? I don't get it." Granted, I know this is our ceremony, but it's still a day that we're sharing with people and I don't want to have to plant people in attendance to laugh at the right time. That's just awkward.

So I think we'll combine both, traditional and non-traditional. Maybe we'll just re-word some things and make it more "us" or maybe we'll google "vows" and see what happens (Is that bad? Because that's probably what we'll be doing.).

Either way, I can practically promise you that some of what this darling couple says will make it in there. Seriously. I cry every time I watch this.

Gene + Jill // Two Pease in a Pod from capture studios on Vimeo.

I mean, really? So adorable. I die.

So what were your vows? Did you go the traditional route, or choose to write your own?


  1. I totally googled vows and found several that we liked and we just mixed and matched until we got exactly what we wanted. It was a little traditional and a little not but just right for us.

  2. That WAS a tear jerker! I'm sure whatever you choose will be great! I love it when I get to hear a little about how the couple met, funny times or jokes shared between them, etc. Special vows are great, too. Makes me remember how I felt at that age and want to renew my love for my husband!

  3. We went with the more traditional vows but did re-word it a little. Its a good idea and you for sure want to make them special and perfect for you and Scott. Whatever you choose will be great! Love you.

  4. oh wow, such a sweet video.

    we wrote our own personal messages to each other, then did non-traditional vows.

    I so agree to make sure you make it personal, it makes you enjoy those moments so much more.

  5. Now being married almost 20 years, marriage vows,the commitment for each other, is what kept us going and strong! I am sure you will have special and beautiful vow to say to one another. Looking forward to more of your wedding plans! :)

  6. that video is awesome... we TOTALLY googled it... and found several we loved, printed them out... met with preacher man matt and wrote our own. i now have them printed in our wedding book and they were perfect and personal with a little bit of tradition....
    it was hands down the best thing about our wedding and i think about them often...